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Venice Tide Forecast Android App

With this free Android application you can check the next 68 hours tide forecast for Venice city.

What is Acqua Alta in Venice (from Wikipedia)
Acqua alta (plural: acque alte — high waters; in Italian, the term is commonly used in the singular form) is the term used in Veneto for the exceptional tide peaks that occur periodically in the northern Adriatic Sea. The peaks reach their maximum in the Venetian Lagoon, where they cause partial flooding of Venice and Chioggia; flooding also occurs elsewhere around the northern Adriatic, for instance at Grado and Trieste, but much less often and to a lesser degree. The phenomenon occurs mainly between autumn and spring, when the astronomical tides are reinforced by the prevailing seasonal winds which hamper the usual reflux. The main winds involved are the scirocco, which blows northbound along the Adriatic Sea, and the bora, which has a specific local effect due to the shape and location of the Venetian lagoon.
Precise scientific parameters define the phenomenon called acqua alta, the most significant of which (i.e., the deviation in amplitude from a base measurement of "standard" tides) is measured by the hydrographic station located nearby the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute. Supernormal tidal events can be categorized as:
  • regular  when the measured sea level is between 0 cm. and 79 cm
  • intense when the measured sea level is between 80 cm. and 109 cm. above the standard sea level (which was defined by averaging the measurements of sea level during the year 1897);
  • very intense when the measured sea level is between 110 cm. and 139 cm. above the standard;
  • exceptional high waters when the measured sea level reaches or exceeds 140 cm. above the standard.

Affected portions of the city:
Sea Level Area of Venice submerged (percent)
+90 cm 1.84%
+100 cm 5.17%
+110 cm 14.04%
+120 cm 28.75%
+130 cm 43.15%
+140 cm 54.39%
+150 cm 62.98%
+160 cm 69.43%
+170 cm 74.20%
+180 cm 78.11%
+190 cm 82.39%
+200 cm 86.4%
>+200 cm 100%

My Android App:
Application was built for educational purposed. No responsibility is given for incorrect informations.

Latest release: rel 2.1 (31/08/2011)

Rel 2.1 - Using WebView component to show Tide Graph and new kind of advertisements.
Rel 2.0 - Thanks to new "web" component, App Inventor Extender is no longer needed so the app can be used on a wider range of smartphones (eg. HTC Wildfire, Samsung Next, etc...)
Rel 1.3 - New icons to represent max tide level, New App Icon, minor bugfixes
Rel 1.21 - for SlideMe only
Rel 1.2 - New handling of the lists implemented, so now the full tide forecast is shown correctly again
Rel 1.11 - Temporary bugfix release needed because of a subtle change in App Inventor list handling
Rel 1.1 - First English release

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